Day 3

So this morning we had a guest come over. Sajid’s driver/carpool lady wanted to come over to visit since she had only 2 more weeks of driving him. I liked her, she was really nice. Ma was saying her very wealthy brother had just recently died. She at point told me about how her daughter […]

And So It Begins

Ahhh so I’m finally done with school!! Summer is here! I go back August 10th (monday), but I probably should move in August 8th, and have August 9th to mentally prepare for school. After this summer, it goes downhill for the next, oh I don’t know, 50 years?? So from July 13th to August 8th […]

So long Mad Men

So last night was the Mad Men finale. I don’t really know what to think about it. Mad Men is a very subtle show, so nothing huge or extraordinary happens. It’s a show about the fine details, so I’m not used to that. I want big outrageously happy endings. I wanted Don to come home, […]

Ahh I just took a shower and now I’m in my room with a cool afternoon breeze. I love hearing kids in the park. Makes being inside (ironically) more bearable. Although I wish I could be out and not do work. Having the right music on is also key. Alexandre Desplat doesn’t disappoint with his […]

Yesterday we thankfully did not have POPs in the afternoon (when we do our cases for like 2 hours–but we never actually do anything). So after lecture on the way home, I went to Uniqlo because they had a black shirtdress that I really wanted to get. Also got white skinny jeans. The material is […]