Star Wars!!

Soo I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Saturday, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it for days. Maybe if I actually blab about it, I will finally let my obsession go for the time being.

Okay, so overall, I really enjoyed it!! Yes, there were a lot of similarities with the Originals movies, but the new material was just so good that it definitely trumped the more unoriginal aspects.

The #1 reason why I loved Star Wars was….REY!!!! This girl is SUCH A BADASS. I don’t even know how to express myself about her. She’s just so freakin cool. She’s actually perfect.


Okay so, I think a big reason I came out very happy about Rey is that the promotions for the movie didn’t exactly promote her much. Her friend Finn was shown to be wielding a lightsaber, so it made it seem like he was going to be a future jedi or something. She had this mysterious aura about her, but the trailers definitely downplayed her role. This trilogy is actually though, totally about Rey!! She IS the main, lead character, which I think is so amazing, to see a female jedi front and center.

Where do I start. Okay so we find Rey living on the desert planet of Jakku (like Luke on Tatooine…). She is a scavenger, meaning she goes to abandoned spaceships and collects parts. She gives the parts to her employer, who gives her what the materials are worth. She is not living that well. Her life is pretty darn lonely and quiet. She doesn’t have any family or friends. She was so immersed in her solitude. The thing about her though, is despite her emptiness, she is filled with so much…hope, longing, and courage. I thought Daisy Ridley did an excellent job showing these two facets of Rey’s character.

Eventually, Rey’s life completely changed. She finds the droid BB8, who was left on the planet by a pilot from the Resistance. BB8 begins to tag along with Rey, essentially becoming her first friend. She quickly meets another, Finn, who just ran away from his post as a stormtrooper. The three of them fly out of Jakku (epically via the Millennium Falcon) and end up meeting Han Solo and Chewbacca.


During her time with Han and Finn, we learn that Rey is an excellent pilot, which made her pretty badass. She and Han were really connecting, and it made it seem like they were father and daughter actually, which got me thinking, hmm maybe she his long lost daughter or something.


Later in the movie though, we learn that Kylo Ren, the Darth Vader character in this trilogy, is actually the son of Han and Leia, Ben. He somehow went bad and now was working for the dark side. So then I was like, wait ok, so they do have a kid, so it makes no sense for Rey to also be their kid. They know who their kid is. Also, at the end of the movie, Leia doesn’t register by ways of the Force, that Rey is her daughter, so I really think that the Rey is Leia and Han’s daughter/Ren’s sister theory does not hold up.

Later on the in the movie, Rey begins to hear things, and she eventually goes to where these voices are. She goes into a dungeon and funds in a chest, Luke’s lost lightsaber, and all of the sudden, she sees all these crazy visions, which no one can figure out about. They seemed to be visions of the lightsaber itself, what it had perceived, such as the horrible tragedy of the killings of young jedi. I didn’t hear myself, but apparently, various voices were also heard, including Obi Wan (both Ewan McCregros’ and Alec Guinesses’s voices!) So it seemed that at the moment, she had this fantastical connection with the Force. Maz Kanata was telling her to embrace this newfound heritage she has found. Now this is where people start debating.

Maz says to Rey that this lightsaber belonged to Luke and his father, and now it was calling for her. People read this is as “oh that means Rey is Luke’s kid!” But I don’t by that for many reasons. One is that after that, Maz says that the people she is waiting for, Rey knows they are never coming back, but there is someone else who can be there for her, and Rey says Luke.

Rey did not want any part of this however. Right after though, the First Order came. Then this is where it got more interesting. Kylo Ren comes to her, and kidnaps her because she has seen the map that will locate where Luke is. Later, he interrogates her. Okay, so I really thought that the way they filmed this scene, there seemed to be some weird tension that surpassed the obvious hate for each other tension. This scene is actually the first time he takes off his mask, after  she remarks how she doesn’t tell anything to “creatures behind masks.” So it was very interesting that the first time he reveals himself to the audience, it is to her. She also has this face, when she realizes he’s just a regular looking dude. It just seemed like there had to be more to the scene than just an interrogation scene. Something that hinted, that possibly in the future, something could happen these two.

A lot of people are like uh no, he basically mentally raped her. Yes he did go into her mind, but then she also, like a freakin badass, began to read his mind and totally threw him off! “You’re…afraid, that you’ll never be as great as Darth Vader.” Omg it was such an amazing intense scene. Kylo Ren was like WTH. After he left, Rey did an EPIC jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper. I was like, holy crap, can she get any cooler? Yes, she can.

Toward the end of the movie, Kylo Ren approaches Rey and Finn. Finn loses quite easily. He had been wielding Luke’s saber and now it fell into the snow. Kylo Ren was trying to use the force to take it, but in an amazing moment, Rey actually was able to get it with the Force!!! It was such an epic moment. It showed that Rey was the new legitimate successor for this saber. Everyone in the theatre was clapping, because it was so damn badass and beautiful. Then they had a fight, where she was able to overcome him by embracing the Force. Ren tried to convert her to the dark side, but she resisted.


By the end of the movie, Rey came out ON TOP. She was the heroine. And in the last few seconds of the movie, she comes face to face with the epic Luke Skywalker. Cut to black.

Rey’s journey through this whole movie was so incredible. The second thing I liked was her interactions with Kylo Ren. There is this intensity between the two characters. I can’t tell if it was intentional or not, but I really hope it was. Because now I have a theory…

So the big question is, who the hell is Rey? What is her lineage? She is such a mystery. We just know that her family had to leave her many years ago, and she’s been waiting for them forever. Also, how does she have this amazing Force sensitivity? The biggest theories are that she is Han and Leia’s long lost daughter, but as I said before, I ain’t buying that. The major one is that Luke is her father. People are saying, well the lightsaber called out to her, and only Skywalkers can have this much power. Honestly, I’m also not buying this. I cannot imagine Luke ditching his kid, for whatever reason he had. He just wouldn’t do it. I also don’t think Luke had kids. It sounded like Luke was devoting his life to rebuilding the jedi life and finding force sensitive children to train. Doubt he had time for finding love and etc. Maz’s comment also makes it seem that Luke was not her family, but can be the family she’s always needed. I like the idea of Luke being her adoptive father more than biologic. It will be so cool to see how their relationship develops in the next movie.

Now people are saying, well with so much power, she must be a Skywalker. I don’t get it though, because most jedi, 99% just are endowed with their abilities by the Force itself, not because of genetics. That only happened with the Skywalkers because Anakin broke the rule. And then Leia had Ben so now he is the latest Skywalker. I just can’t see this lineage keep going forever and forever, because ultimately, jedi have to devote their lives to their jobs of enforcing peace, not having families. They are like monks basically.

I like the idea of Rey being a special Force person because it shows how a “nobody” can become a “somebody” of their own right. Perhaps the Force thought there was something special about her, and chose her. Star Wars is about family, but it’s also about creating a unique destiny for yourself, regardless of where you come from.

So basically, I’m not buying that she’s related to anyone. If they do this, I’ll be pissed, because I find it so dumb and unoriginal. Are we really going to have another “I am your father” moment? Please no. And yet…everyone wants this, wth?? A lot of people are like, well all the mentioned points *obviously* means that Rey is Luke’s kid. So JJ Abrahms just thought obvious was a good way to tell a story? The movie has to have twists! They need to spice it up. Making her a Skywalker is the lamest move ever. The twist 30/40 years ago was that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. Now the twist should be, she ain’t related to any of them!

So going off that she’s not a Skywalker, this paves the way for some kind of connection with Kylo Ren. Now Ren I think will be the redemption case in the movies. Despite killing his own father (yes horrible shocker) I still think that Kylo Ren can get back to the light side. Right now, he is so corrupted and not his self as when he was younger. We don’t know yet what made him turn, but whatever happened, he’s a different person altogether. Very much like Darth Vader. Darth Vader did awful things, but he came back for his son.

The question now is, who can help with this process? He doesn’t care at all about his uncle or mother. I think Rey can have a huge amount of influence over him. They had this amazing mental connection with each other, in which they were getting into each other’s heads. My prediction is that Rey will help him back to the light side. I think adding a tinge of love stuff can make the story interesting and original. Rey could hypothetically become someone Ren grows to care for, and ends up falling for during his reconversion to the light side. Now if she was his sister or cousin, he’d feel more threatened, as opposed to more vulnerable, as he’s already shown himself to be around her.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 1.29.50 AM.png

Now when I mean love stuff, I’m not picturing him bringing roses to her. Nothing cheesy like that. I imagine that both would initially be weirded out by such feelings. Maybe Rey won’t even think of him like that, but I could definitely see him fall for her, because she’s uh, freakin amazing. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I think she can reach out to him.

That being said, I don’t know what the end would be. Maybe Ren dies or something. Or Rey would just rather not be with anyone. Who knows. Whatever the end is, I think some love stuff somewhere in there would make it interesting.

So that’s just my theory. Obviously, anything could happen, something no one can even predict. I just hope that whatever happens, it’s freakin epic and not a damn copycat of the originals, which this movie was sort of doing, but saved itself.

Why must I wait till May 2017??!! Cruel injustice!!

Currently listening to Rey’s theme off the soundtrack. I really love it! I think it captures the pure, indomitable spirit of Rey.

Recent Buys

So I was planning to go to h&m last night and it turned out Rahima was also going to h&m so that worked out perfectly. We went to the new one at 34th St. I needed to get a couple shirts that I could just throw on when I didn’t feel like putting any effort.


hmprod (1)

I also got these in past trips to h&m.

hmprod (3)
Another fave

hmprod (2)

hmprod (4)I also got this thing from Target. I know, lots of prints!! But I loove prints.


I also got a couple new bags like a month ago, which I am very happy with.

First off, I bought this bag like sometime in college to keep my wallet and essentials. Clearly it was at the end of its life, so I needed a new one. I got one a tad bigger from payless.

DSC04310 DSC04311


And then I also needed a bag that could keep my laptop in its own compartment and that had a pocket on the outside (note: it’s ridiculous how most women’s bags have no outer compartments, even though it would be so useful). I originally went to Macy’s, and they didn’t have, but thankfully Aldo has just the thing. I freakin love this bag!

DSC04313 DSC04314

Hello Again

Damn it’s been ages since I’ve written on this. I tell myself I’ll blab about my life more, but I get so darn lazy. Well here I am being lazy anyway, and thinking maybe I should just say a little something.

Why am I lazy right now? Because I am dreading learning about every kidney disease known to man. It’s gonna be tedious and I’m not excited. I also woke up late today which always messed me up anyway. If I don’t start the day off being productive, it is hard to get into the studying mojo. Slow, british period film music isn’t helping either.

Anyways, what I have been up to. Three months have passed by, and my finals for the unit are 3 weeks away, so that’s gonna be fun. After this unit though, it’s just another 3 months, so entering the homestretch soon ahh.


Day 3

So this morning we had a guest come over. Sajid’s driver/carpool lady wanted to come over to visit since she had only 2 more weeks of driving him. I liked her, she was really nice. Ma was saying her very wealthy brother had just recently died. She at point told me about how her daughter when she was 16, had become anemic due to heavy, irregular menstrual bleeding aka…menometorrhagia. I was asking why that happened, trying to figure out all the million reasons why heavy bleeding issues even happen. She didn’t really answer it so I was left to just guess. But then I realized that all that stuff I crammed into my head two weeks ago have become a blur. *sigh* I can never retain medical stuff. Could be hypothalamic-pituitary issues, since there was no abnormal ultrasound, but who knows.

Anyway shortly after she came, one of our neighbors, Quail Auntie (I don’t know if her nickname is actually Quail as in the bird, or some random bengali word like kwail? Who knows?) came over with her adorable little toddler and his grandma. She was somehow related to Sajid’s driving lady. Anyway it was pretty enjoyable morning, listening to bengali women talk about life. Yes, I am like an old bengali grandma myself, but with crappy bengali XD.

Driving lady left, and then Lovely auntie (her nickname IS literally Lovely) came over and then the three of them (including Ma) were talking about random stuff. I was like okay, I have errands to run. First off, I had bought a black shirtdress from Uniqlo a month ago exactly, but when I got home I realized it was very very thin and see through (even for a black dress), and I had yet to return it. Today was the last day to return it (thank God I actually put that on my calendar!!). I actually ordered a way better black shirtdress from Mango (was my first time ever ordering clothes online without trying them first) but thankfully, it fits well. And it’s so much better made than the Uniqlo one.

So I went over to Herald Square. I first went to Aldo. On Saturday, when I bought the pretty dreamcatcher necklace, it actually said Buy 2 get 1 free, but I never picked a second item to be free, because I didn’t like what that Aldo had for sale. So I tried to get my second item today. I just showed my receipt and it worked, and I ended up buying this hand chain. I have no idea when I’ll actually wear it, but I have it in stock.


After that I went to Uniqlo to return the shirtdress. Then I went to Forever21, which was pretty interesting…so the store lost a lot of power. There was no AC, they couldn’t use credit cards, and the whole back of the second floor (like the jewelry section) was completely dark. Some lights for flashing, indicating something went awry. Technicians were all over the place too. I had wanted to get cat-eye sunglasses, but I could barely see anything. And they didn’t take cards, so it was a useless venture.

Then I went to the new big H&M (which is like diagonal to the other H&M…). I posted before about an olive satiny blazer I liked. It was $34 before, but it was on sale for 20. I couldn’t find the olive one, which pissed me off, but I thought black was always a safe staple. I also got sunglasses. I wonder if I’ll actually wear them…

Then I went to Payless, where I got very much needed comfy shoes for walking. Flats are really bad for me, and my current comfy shoes are sooooo damn smelly!!!! Even washing them doesn’t get of it. Payless made yearly versions during college days of my fave comfy shoes by Comfort Plus, but they seemed to stop making it, which was annoying because I really needed new shoes! I settled for the champion shoes. Should do the job. I do need sandals though…too hot for closed shoes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.31.50 AM

I made pitstops at JC Penney and Starbucks, and then went my way home. Also, I am soo glad that for once I remembered to take an umbrella, because it was pouringg like hell!

Didn’t really do anything this evening. Spent forever editing pictures. I am a Fotor addict (photo app). Love it. If you see my pics, it’s obvious I’m going through a severe vintage/polaroid wannabe phase.

And then I watched Pitch Perfect, which was awesome!!! They just announced Pitch Percfect 3, which is great…but I gotta see the second one!! But it just got out of theater, so now I have to wait… *bummer*. I had a massive crush on Jesse, he was sooo cool. So cute. Beautiful amazing voice *swoooon*. And he was soo into Beca!!  He was so charming and funny around her *swoooon again*. When she sang the Breakfast Club song at the end, I was like omg sooo romantic!! And then the final kiss. Ugh the feels. It was perfect.

The movie made me wanna pretend doing acapella. Why do I lack such natural abilities why??

Anyways, I need to plan my day for tomorrow and then sleep. Currently listnenting to Coldplay’s latest cd, Ghost Stories. Everyone needs to listen to O and Always in My Head. Hands down, probably their best ever “solemn/mellow song.” Aside from Fix Me. That will always reign #1!

And So It Begins

Ahhh so I’m finally done with school!! Summer is here! I go back August 10th (monday), but I probably should move in August 8th, and have August 9th to mentally prepare for school. After this summer, it goes downhill for the next, oh I don’t know, 50 years?? So from July 13th to August 8th I have 56 days, so need to plan my life wisely.

On Thursday after finishing up, Soumya, Rahima, Dawn, Renee and I went out to eat. We ended up leaving pretty late, like 1030ish, but luckily we found a Thai restaurant called Obao in Hell’s Kitchen that was open til 1 am. The food was good, can never go wrong with Thai food, although I have to say, I’m pretty over it. I’ve had so much of it, and it gets old. But I will never say to going to a Thai place. One thing I liked about this place was they were playing so many songs from the 2000s, especially Avril Lavigne! I was getting soo nostalgic.

So we ate there for awhile, and then we ended up in the middle of Time Square. So this is where the funniest part of the night happened. Revlon has this camera that tapes people and then zones into a group of people with a heart around them , and then takes a snapshot (it’s called Love is On). It was so.damn.hilarious. And it was really really funny when Rahima discovered where the camera was, because then the pictures showed like 20 people staring up at the screen, while Rahima was looking right out to the viewer. Soo creepy! Ah man good times. It was the perfect way to end 1st year.

Friday was just a tiring, sweaty, day of packing and cleaning my dorm. And then moving everything back home. Not so fun.

Yesterday I met up with Madeeha, Samira, and Shah Nawaz at Martha’s. It was a spontaneous meetup, but it magically worked out for once! It’s always great catching up with those four! Talked about sisters’ marriages, marriage, more marriage, travel, marriage, and medical school, oh and marriage. What else is knew?  Samira has officially created the hashtag #fab4. This makes me wanna name all my friend groups XD

I also made a pit stop at Aldo and got this dream catcher necklace. I loved that it was long and very beautiful. I saw it a few weeks ago, and could not get over it, so I caved. I like the dream catcher is also not a tiny thing.


So plans for todayy…I need to clean up this ridiculous mess that is my room. I have no idea how I’m going to clean this up!



And then later tonight, going to Muntaha’s for a partay. And of course, I cannot go to sleep without watching the Game of Thrones finale!!! I’m praying for dragons dragons dragonss.

Currently listening to Hilary Duff’s new cd!!! I was so excited to hear her first song in years!!! I think “Sparks” is really fun song. It made me want to listen to her old songs, like “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean.” Come Clean was the song of my pre-teenhood (Avril Lavgine’s song “Nobody’s Home” was the emo song of middle school days). I feel so ancient when I listen to those old songs. And I’m liking her new album. They’re fun songs for the summer.

So long Mad Men

So last night was the Mad Men finale. I don’t really know what to think about it. Mad Men is a very subtle show, so nothing huge or extraordinary happens. It’s a show about the fine details, so I’m not used to that. I want big outrageously happy endings. I wanted Don to come home, see all the characters get together, reminisce about the past, Don having heart to hearts with Betty and his kids. A lot of mush. But that never ever happens on Mad Men so I have to change the way I see things.

I thought everyone’s storylines wrapped nicely, besides Don’s. Peggy and Pete had just the right kind of goodbye. Peggy and Pete. Wow if you watch the first episodes, their dynamic was so different. Pete was a total douchebaggg. Thankfully, recently he seemed to have changed and wanted to be something else. He went from thinking Peggy was a just a stupid girl he could step all over (and toy with), to someone he really looked up to. That’s pretty amazing.

“Someday people are going to brag that they worked with you”

“God…I don’t know what to say.”

“I wouldn’t know. No one’s ever said it to me.”

Peggy, she went from being Don’s secretary, constantly being trampled by the men of Sterling Cooper, to a top creative director. That’s very inspirational. She also found someone to be with finally, Stan. Didn’t really picture them together. Thought they were better off as friends, and I thought it came sort of left field, but the telephone conversation when Stan just transitioned from regular Stan to pouring-out-my-love-for-you Stan was pretty romantic actually. Peggy’s reaction was so hilarious because she was soo taken aback by the declaration of love.

“I think how about you came into my life, how you drove me crazy. Now I don’t know what to do with myself, because all I wanna do is be with you”

“….What? What did you just say?”

“I want to be with you. I’m in love with you”


“I love you Peggy”

“…..oh my God. That’s what I thought you said. I-I-I..I don’t know what to say. I can’t breathe..” etc etc

Joan also got the ending she deserved. Her boyfriend didn’t like how she was so driven to work, so he left her. But she took it in stride and started her own company. Joan and Peggy’s meet-up was just right. I also liked how Joan and Roger met one last time. Two former lovers, now they were just two good friends (who share a kid) and were happy for each other.

My favorite character on the show…is Sally. The actress, Kiernan Shipka (aka Jinora on Avatar!) started on the show soo young. She was this cute little kid. And now she’s this teenager. She showed a lot of maturity in the last episode, telling Don what was the best for her brothers after Betty’s death, coming home and helping Bobby make dinner, and God that last scene where she’s cleaning the dishes with her mom at the table, who was smoking away till the end. It was such an ordinary scene. You’d never think that Betty was dying at the time. Life goes on I guess.

That was the last piece of Betty. There was no dramatic death scene or funeral. You just know she will die, which makes it more depressing actually. Her other scene was when Don called her. Ah that was another moment. I always thought they would make such a  good couple, but Don was just so damn terrible. And she’s pretty reserved herself so their marriage was just so bland. Sad that it couldn’t work, but at least they became good friends by the end.

I liked how the episode was called “Person to Person.” Apparently back in the day, when you called someone, the operator would say something like a “I have a request for a person to person for betty francis by don draper.” The two times he called was to Betty and Peggy, the only two women he had a close bond with that wasn’t one of his love affair women. So it was fitting.

SO my main issue…was Don. He went off to California with his fake niece, and then ended up at a hippie retreat with her. He didn’t want to go there but ended up being stranded there. And then he just had this meltdown (which he has had in the past). He was moved by what a man at a group session said, something about…God I didn’t even know what. I guess how he felt unnoticed, or couldn’t understand when people tried to love him. It was very vague maybe because I could not relate to that at all. I wanted to sympathize but I just didn’t really get it. I never ever understood Don really. So he had a crappy childhood. Ok a lot of people do. And we all have those days when we so alone, ignored, isolated, empty. But that doesn’t mean you get to be mean, grumpy, mysterious and neglect your wife and kids. Never ever ok.

I really wanted him to change. I wanted the show to show the change. But nothing new really happened until the last very ending scene. He’s sitting down and his instructor says something about becoming a new person, says om, and then Don repeats , and then he smiled to himself. And then black. And I’m like no freaking away. He says om and all of a sudden he gets the purpose of his life?? Or something?? I don’t know…it’s so vague. More than 40s of years and all of sudden it just clicked. I really wanted more buildup. I wanted him to face his issues while they are happening around him and not at a very distant retreat. 

But that wasn’t the last part. The very last thing was this old 70s coke ad that was well known for its multicultural slant apparently. So basically…it seems like Don was behind this (real) famous ad. Don had always wanted to do an ad for coke so one can extrapolate that Don went back home a new man, and ended up pitching one of greatest ads of all time.

I will say that despite my overall irritation with Don and that last hippie thing that made him all of a sudden realize stuff, the ad’s placement was a huge sign of hope for his character. It signaled renewal. Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. So I’d like to that Don went back a different, better person. Someone who will take his work seriously and not run away from his problems. Someone who will be there for his loved ones when they need him. Knowing who he was for the past 7 seasons, that’s very inspirational. It’s actually motivating me to work harder for whatever I want to do in life, who I want to become.

Well I should go back to work. I have two patient interviews tomorrow so need to review the usual round of questions.

Currently listening to When You Give Your Heart by Laura Veirs. It’s one of those cute indie songs that make me happy.