More Life Ramblings

I feel that I always start a post by saying how I need to blog more. Perhaps I should make a blogging schedule. I’m just so lazy with writing.

So here I am listing again so it doesn’t go on and on.

1. My last post mentioned how I got food poisoning and I had been feeling drowsy. I had to endure that for a few more days, even going into the ER one night because I was just losing lots of fluid. I felt pretty weird for the rest of that week, and this past week I just needed to mentally recuperate. It seems that once I get sick for some reason, my whole life routine crumbles and I lose all motivation to do anything. So I’ve been going through lethargy and unproductiveness for the past couple weeks, but now that I’m back in shape, I’m really trying to get my life back together. Speaking of which…

2. April is almost done, and then I only have May, June and July to get my life together, which is such little time!! Where did the time go? I can’t believe the year just went by like that! While I was recuperating, I was panicking about how I barely got anything done this year. I still have 399065469845068 books I have to read, and household chores, and quality time with Sajid to do. I was freaking out for a few days but now I’m trying to get back on track. I’ve made lots of lists because that’s how I like wasting my time. Now I just need to do it. Ah the procrastination never ends.

3. Only eventful thing: This past weekend I went to the MIST tournament at Columbia Medical. MIST, I just looked up finally, stands for Muslim Interscholastic Tournament. Basically the muslim organizations in high schools come to compete against each other in different arenas. They have religious stuff obviously, but also categories in art, and even basketball. Albina asked me a few months ago, and I had no idea how to say I couldn’t go, didn’t want to seem like a flaky type so I just signed up to be “coach.” Chaperone is more like it. I basically needed to escort the girls around (they really didn’t need me there…), mainly to Starbucks, which I never minded.

So I was actually coach for Bronx Science’s group, the Brigades (I know, I betrayed my alma mater but hey, Stuy MSA never looked me up). But I have to say, I saw the Bronx team as my baby. I only talked to the girls, and oh my God, they were just the sweetest little girls. I was actually really really jealous of them. I never had what they have now in high school. The Stuy MSA then barely had any camaraderie, and I don’t have that many religious friends. All the teams were so excited to be competing, and they all had each other. One thing I absolutely loved about MIST was the energy. When all the teams were packed together in the auditorium, they just started chanting their team slogans and yelling and screaming and jumping, and blowing their horns and pom poms. One girl actually lost her voice on Sunday. I will never see anything with so much revelry like that ever again in an Islamic kind of setting. A bacchanal without the sex and booze = legit.

Saturday and Sunday were all day competitions and interesting lectures. I met this one African American imam who talked about the beginnings of Islam in NYC. It was really interesting. I asked him later if he had converted, and he told me was Cherokee Indian and that (at least his band) were Muslim?! I was baffled. He was a Native American Cherokee Indian, and he said that they were Muslim. I’ve been searching the internet for others but can’t find anything. I want to interview this guy. It’s super interesting. This completely breaks down all my notions of Native Americans. Not that I’m saying that now all of sudden all Native American are muslim, but there is a group out there that is…and it’s just amazing. I want to learn more about this.

Anyway Sunday night was the awards ceremony. Who would be the winners was the question. The individual winners were announced first and then the last award announced the top three schools. Bronx got many awards when I think about it retrospectively, but during the ceremony though, we felt crushed. Stuy and Brooklyn Tech seemed to be winning everything. Like everything. It did not look good at all for us. There was lots of crying of sadness, and happiness for those who were baffled that they even won.

So then came the overall winners. The Bronx girls were like “Guys, make dua!!!” I was like oh my God, these girls have such big hearts. One guy behind me was making dua for like 30 minutes straight.

Third place went to an Islamic school called Al-Noor, more or else the dark horse of the competition. I was thinking, “damn, it’s Tech or Stuy for sure for second and first place.” And then after a lot of purposeful delaying, second place went to Bronx! Everyone obviously lost their minds. It was absolutely incredible. It made no sense at the time. It was certainly either Stuy or Tech. We all thought that. Even though I have no ties to Bronx or wasn’t getting anything out of being coach, I was really moved by the whole experience. The girls were in tears of happiness, and they were so grateful. I was on the verge of crying myself because it was just really moving. I feel like tearing up just thinking about it. It was like that moment when I got into Einstein, when out of impossibility, came the most amazing outcome, a sign that God is ever present.

So I guess after a couple weeks of just being apathetic about life, and being lazy with prayer, I got some new inspiration. If these high schoolers can fill their hearts with up with much love and religious devotion, there’s no reason why I can’t.

4. Veering into present day, tomorrow is Abbu’s birthday, so I must get him something. I usually buy him two shirts, but Ma said to buy a belt for him instead. So yesterday I went to Macys and got him a thin Tommy Hilfiger belt. Turns out he is not size 38 as Ma suggested, but smaller, 34 as I later found out. Today I went to Macys, again. Sadly, they didn’t have that same belt in 34. I wanted to get a belt Abbu would recognize, like Hilfiger or Calvin Klein. None of them were to my liking and size 34. I ended up getting a belt with a big buckle, a Kenneth Cole one. But I just saw now that the buckle is just so big, Abbu will probably never wear it. So now I have to go back to Macys, AGAIN. What a dragg.

Oh on top of that, yesterday, Sajid went up to him and said “Oh, she bought you a belt,” because he totally forgot Abbu’s birthday was soon. I flipped a shit!! I went to my room and silently screamed, because I hate it when people ruin surprises! Boo.

Untitled List

I should be sleeping but I’m not as tired yet. Plus I’m starving.

Recent schtuff in life:

1. Parma got into Frank Netter medical!!! I’m so proud of her. She was so incredibly stressed this whole year, and now it comes to a close. Now that we’re both in, we can start celebrating…by going to see Wicked!!!

2. Had my first two driving lessons. It’s not so bad. But I cannot for the life of me understand how to make a turn effortlessly. I have such bad coordination, and I can’t keep my eyes ahead and also know how the hell I’m moving the steering wheel. And I’m annoyed that driving requires constantly pressing down on something.

3. Sharmin had her surprise Mehndi on Friday and her Nikkah on Sunday. She looked so gorgeous! I’m really happy for her. Just a few months ago, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to find anyone good for her. Her husband seems nice and funny. The big reception will be early May so waiting for that big celebration.

4. Monday I went to go see Liz after many months. We went to a halal Middle Eastern place called Queen Sheba. It was actually right by City College, but for some reason we never went there during college. We first ordered the appetizer “sambosa” which was essentially, a samosa. Yes really creative. We ordered vegetarian ones so Liz could also eat. They ended up giving us lamb ones, without even telling us they had changed our order. Then they gave a random soup, which Liz and I tried. Turns out the soup was made of lamb broth, so yet another bizarre turn of food events. Eventually they did give Liz a vegetarian soup. I got cut lamb with hummus. The hummus was good, lamb was alright… (story continues on #5). After we got a receipt written in Arabic, the dude working there was testing my inadequate spoken Arabic (as opposed to Quranic Arabic). It was amusing to say the least. I told the guy “I’m not Arab, I’m from Bangladesh” “Yeah I know” he said. Sure…

After lunch, we went over to Liz and Katie’s new place, which was nearby. Oh my God. Their place is such a cute apartment! Two good sized bedrooms for each of them, a spacious kitchen, and TWO living rooms. They decorated the living rooms with lots of plants so it felt more cozy. They got a really good deal on this one. The subway is also close by.

Liz and I talked for hours about life, from 2 to like 7. I lost track of the time. It’s always great catching up with Liz. We end up talking about a million different topics. Katie came home later on from work, so it was the three of us for a time.

It’s so strange to think about how we’ve moved on from college life. It’s an odd feeling. Nice, but weird.

5. So this morning, I started having bathroom issues. Then I started getting very drowsy. I was feeling brain dead. Still had bathroom issues. Started getting chills. I was in denial that it was food poisoning, most likely from the lamb, which did not taste that great. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I told myself. But no it was not going away. So at night I finally told Ma. I didn’t want to her tell her before because then she’d pin this on me for always eating out. Because everything is always my fault of course. She gave me some saline, but I’m still having bathroom issues and I am starving, but I don’t want to put anything into my stomach. I’m very grateful though that I’m not throwing up, yet. I hate throwing up. I don’t feel that sickly. Just drowsy, so it’s not too bad. I can deal with it. Just hope it goes away by the morning.

6. I’ve been trying to clean up my parents room, which is just a mess. Ma keeps her clothes in a bin. It hurts her muscles to even open up a drawer so ok I get that. But Abbu? He also lives out a box of clothes. I put them in one of our inadequately used drawers. He was annoyed. He preferred living out of his box. It’s just easy for him to throw around all his clothes into a box. The drawers are wooden and don’t open  as smoothly, so that’s why he opts for a box. It look so stupid and I am annoyed. I can’t wait until I have my own place. These two have no appreciation for organization!

7. Mindy Project…ok so first episode, what the bleep is Danny’s problem? That whole situation was so damn cliche. Yawn, this story has been told over and over again. I’m scared to hurt you, let’s just be friends. Coward! They’re trying to make it harder for them, but this way? It’s old. It was sad though, totally felt bad for Mindy. And of course, Danny is ready to get with the next hot thing, albeit with hesitation, but still,  I’m annoyed. Such an old story.

Loved seeing Anna Gun aka Breaking Bad’s Skylar as a OBGYN. She really fit the role. The health insurance thing was a a good throw-in. The public health disaster in “Spaniard” Harlem by Shulman and Associates was also pretty amusing.

Day of Firsts

I get really happy when the weather is supposed to be gloomy, but I wake up to see it’s all sun and blue skies. God today was such a beautiful day. I had wanted to go into the city to shop for stuff and decided to see if Mike and Vanessa could have lunch, which was long overdue. Thankfully they were so I went off into the city.

I went to Herald Square, first going to H&M. I was first looking for a new floral shirt they were supposed to have. The mannequin was wearing it…but couldn’t find it anywhere else. I guess it was sold out or something. But I did find this long shirtdress that I had seen before. It didn’t interest me before, but this time, it did stick. I haven’t bought casual clothes in a long it feels. I guess for the gap year, I didn’t need any clothes like that. I just reuse my four identical plaid shirts. I don’t even remember what I wore during undergrad. They’re all stuffed away somewhere, waiting to be re-worn. But anyway, I liked that this was a long dress, with a mandarin collar. And I thought the floral print was good. Seeing as how I’m going to grad school, I need to start “maturing” my outfits. Nothing too flashy or tacky or little girly.


Then I went next door to Aldo. Man I really love Aldo bags. But alas, most of them I will never use. They’re all in various colors (which I love) but as much as I love the bright pink satchel, I’m never ever going to use it. I have been looking for a nice brown bag.  At first, I wanted something more high end looking, but since I already have two/three bags like that, I decided to go for something more casual. What I like about this bag is that the top flap is actually a pocket, and there are two pockets in the front. I love them pockets. I get irritated with my bags without pockets. I feel so all over the place and I feel that I’m going to lose something.


I then went off to Macaulay where I met Mike and Vanessa. We decided to get some Chipotle. Of course I can never say no to Chipotle. We went over to the 72nd mini park and just caught up with each other. It’s always nice to talk with Mike and Vanessa, because well, they are the most awesome advisers over. I cannot stress that enough.

After that, I decided to just walk to Columbus Circle from 72nd St. The weather was just too damn nice! And I’ve always liked going down that street for some reason. There’s just something about it. And it helps that the weather was amazing and the ipod had matching music.

On the way, I saw some giant eggs that somebody made or whatever. Didn’t really care about them, but this one in front of Columbus Cirlce caught my eye. It looked like it was made from egg shells, but not totally certain.


Also grabbed a vanilla macchiato to end off the adventure for the day.

After I got home, picked up again on my Good Wife binge (the love story is such a tease! I hope for something big to happen, but I only get tiny little moments grr).

It was after sunset when I had my “first” big moment. Tomorrow I have my first driving lesson.  Abbu gave me some preliminary tips. I didn’t do any major driving, just moved forward and back a few inches. Sadly, there’s no empty parking lots where I can just drive around. I just got aquatinted with the main parts. I can;t believe I actually have to always be pressing on the accelerator or the brake for the whole time of driving. No rest for my feet! But anyway, it was an ok pre-lesson.

When I got home, I went over to Parma’s for my second big “first.” I’m going to Sharmin’s mehndi tomorrow, so I decided to finally put on contacts. I ordered them in October, forgot to pick them, and got them like a month or two ago. So this was my first time ever putting them on. It took forever because I’m incompetent.  I finally did manage to put them on. God it was so weird to have such good sight without any glasses.

Man trying to get the contacts off though…I was really trying to not freak out. I just wasn’t able to do it. I forgot how Parma told me to, but a youtube video reminded me what she said to do. I managed to take them off after like 15 minutes and a lot of “it’s ok you can do this” pacing around. Damn I think it’ll take time until I get skilled at this.

Last Day of Work, First Day of Abril

Well yesterday was my last day at work. Spent most of the time working on a presentation I was to going to give on my work on health fairs. I literally started making the powerpoint the night before at 1, and then I ended up doing revisions to the last minute, in the age-old procrastination style.

So we have health fairs every now and then. My first one was over the summer at a Bengali mela in Astoria. Also did one at a recreation center, for lack of a better word, for senior Indian men and women, most of whom were Gujarati from what I recall. Also went to a mosque in Brooklyn, and Laguardia’s taxi school. I helped out with administering surveys to our participants. We survey them for research purposes, a way to profile the needs of that particular community. So we have questions on their demographics, medical information and health conditions. Then they are screened for blood pressure, and sometimes cholesterol and glucose. If they have high-risk results, we call them back to tell them to go see their primary physician.

I did a lot of data entry for the surveys and called up a lot of people, following up with them. So after doing all that, I was interested in what the actual data looked like. I looked at the data from one health fair from a Sikh Temple and then talked about how my follow ups went. Main conclusion was that while our process was efficient, the participants really held the key. Some people I called appreciated my phone calls. Others weren’t as interested in getting reminders to go see a doctor. Conclusion: need for more health education to get people more interested in health.

After that whole last minute adrenaline rush and Navroop and Kamrun’s presentations, I came back to my seat and found a gift! Lakshmi, my boss, bought this mug for me and wrote me a sweet letter of thanks for helping out. I was super touched!


Another nice moment, while I was doing my powerpoint before, Shu came to the office to drop me off some cheesecake. She had mentioned before about this really good cheesecake place near her house, Eileen’s Cheesecake, and said she’d bring some. Shu learned my last day was Tuesday, so from Brooklyn with cheesecake in hand, came out all the way to Sloan in Manhattan just to drop off the cheesecake, and then she had to run to catch class uptown at CCNY.  She didn’t even stay for even a minute! I was blown away, to trek all that way to drop off cheesecake? It was so incredibly sweet of her! And the cheesecake was delicious! One was cookies and cream, the other coffee.


But yeah yesterday I didn’t even have a chance to eat lunch. My brain was shutting down, and yet I felt like walking 15 blocks to Barnes and Noble just to get the latest Scientific American magazine (that I probably won’t read for another two months). But Barnes and Noble man, it has sucha pull on me. It’s just such a  nice store. I did not buy a book however. Have’t been in a reading mood lately, but I should start again asap though. Have such little time to finish all I want to read.

Then I went back uptown to H&M to look for a shirt I saw online, but it wasn’t there. By then I was ready to collapse, I was so tired (just had cheesecake for lunch), but I somehow managed to get home while standing up on the packed train for a long time.

Got home, watched an episode of The Good Wife (my latest binging exercise — which will get its own post soon of course). And then finally Mindy Project came back! Went over to Parma’s to see it. I gotta say, it was not what I expected. I thought Danny and Mindy would avoid each other. I assumed Mindy would probaly be torn between Danny and Cliff. It was nice to see a change from that love triangle thing though. Mindy was soo over Cliff once Danny started putting himself out there. The first scene in the bathroom was soo hilarious. Man I wasn’t a huge Mindy and Danny fan, but after last episode, I love them. I just really love this new dyamic between them. Before they were always these bickering friends. But now there’s this new element of attraction. They’re friends but now they want each other. It was preeeeety hot when they kept coming on to other out of longing desperation. Work that “Brown Sugar” Mindy! And the last scene where Danny fakes a British accent reading Bridget Jone’s diary to her in a hospital bed. That was so incredibly cute. What should their couple name be, Minny…or Dandy?

QUOTE OF THE DAY (Thank you Tumblr for not having a gif of this by now):

We’ve gone on hundreds of dates, hundreds. We’ve gone on doctors’ lounge dates, subway commute dates, medical conference dates.


*Cue the heart melting*

Anyway, it’s the next day and I’ve been bingeing on the Good Wife, and I’m in need of trying to motivate myself to become productive. The gloomy weather is not helping.

I’ve become so damn lazy, and I need to become hardworking before school starts. Time is flying by way too fast! God, it’s already April, a time for new beginnings. Speaking of April, this is a cute poem I really love about April. I can totally relate to it. My future husband will definitely need to memorize this:

Always Marry an April Girl 

Praise the spells and bless the charms,
I found April in my arms. 
April golden, April cloudy, 
Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy; 
April soft in flowered languor, 
April cold with sudden anger, 
Ever changing, ever true -- 
I love April, I love you.  
 --- Ogden Nash

Mars to Neptune

Soo I finally got to see the new Veronica Mars movie! It was a very enjoyable watch. Granted I started watching the show a few weeks ago, yet it felt like I haven’t seen the characters in forever. Well in the story’s time, it had been forever. The movie is set nearly 10 years after the show started so there’s a lot of changes of course. It was nice to see old characters popping out and making allusions to past occurences. While a non-fan could technically see this movie, it definitely requires a lot of knowledge from past episodes. A lot of times we’d be like “wait, was he or she from the show?” But hey, that’s all the more reason to watch the show.

After the time of the show, Veronica moved away from Neptune, Cali because her PI gig was taking a toll on her. She transferred to Stanford, then went to Columbia Law. She was almost making it a big as a lawyer at a top NYC law firm, until she’s dragged back to Neptune because her hot ex-boyfriend, Logan, needed her PI skills again. The movie was mostly about Veronica coming to terms with just how much she really loves being a PI. She realizes that she loves the thrill of being a PI and solving mysteries. By the end, she decides to move back. She just can’t let go of what she truly loves.


Gotta love a man in uniform.

In the process, she had to choose between the two men of her life. Her blast from the past boyfriend Piz represents her structured life in NYC. He gets irritated that Veronica is so invested in Logan’s case. They end up breaking up, though it felt more like a pre-breakup fight. It needed more closure, but hey, the writers needed Piz out of the way quick so other things could escalate. Exit Piz forever.

Veronica’s main love has always been Logan. The former bad boy went into the navy and cleaned himself up. And wow was Logan so damn different. A very good different. Gone was the confrontational, volatile Logan (though I loved that side of him). Logan can still beat the crap out of people, but he’s so much more controlled now. Also more quiet. I wish he had more lines!! His lines were always the best, very snarky stuff. There wasn’t enough of that sadly. But regardless, I love this new Logan. He has all the qood qualities of old Logan + being mature and responsible. He finally has a life purpose, goals. Who says no to that kind of guy?? Thankfully Veronica saw the light of day and they had a hot and beautiful “reunion.” The actors really captured the intensity of the moment. I really liked how despite the scene being physical, the emotions were just heartbreaking sweet. It’s one of those scenes where the characters can’t even kiss cause they’re so overcome. After years of turbulent back and forth and another 9 years of separation, they were finally at a mature level understanding for one another. They finally got the peace they were always running after.


The murder mystery storyline was interesting as always. It also left another mystery left to solve (I guess this is setting up for any sequel of some kind). And there were heart stopper moments that really caught us off guard.

While the movie was good, I can’t really think of it as a movie per say. It just felt like a 2 hour episode. The movie was an excellent way to bring Veronica Mars back to the fold, but from here on out, a series is the proper method of storytelling.  The mysteries and troubles of Neptune cannot be captured in 2 hour movies every 2 years. It should go back to the older series’ way: one larger mystery interwoven in separate episodic cases.


1. Too many good characters. A movie cannot possibly talk about everybody in 2 hours. I want to know what Mac is up to. And Wallace. More Veronica and Keith father-daughter moments. Can always use more Dick. And as I said, moreee Logan. Everyone has stuff going on in their lives and I want to know what!

2. Darker material. Veronica is no longer in high school or freshman year of college on the CW. The show was surprisingly dark when I first started watching it, but it can get more Breaking Bad dark. Cue the F bomb.

3. The Socio-politico-economics of Neptune. One of the main reasons I find the show so intriguing is the critique of Neptune society. It addresses the issues of the 1% vs. 99%, the haves and the have-nots, whites vs. others (latinos are a strong presence), and the corruption of the justice system. The main reason Veronica loves her PI stuff so much is because she has a strong sense of justice, and she wants people to pay for their wrongs. She sees how the police department is a complete fail, so she essentially is the town’s sole agent for justice. (Interesting article from the Atlantic on Veronica

What makes Veronica really stand out in the Hall of Badass Heroines is she’s just an ordinary person. She’s not Emma Swan or Daenarys Targaryen, who have special magical powers, or Black Canary of Arrow, who is a trained assassin (wow I do have a thing for kickass blondes). Veronica’s just a normal girl who is incredibly bright and very driven. I’m just bummed that she actually didn’t get her law degree. I thought it would’ve been interesting if she still had that under her belt. She could’ve been a PI-lawyer hybrid. And I’m always pro-lawyer of the people.


Here’s to hoping for series #2! The movie made enough money needed to show that it’s still a hit. I guess while I wait, I shall go back to my old life. No more bingeing on tv, or lying around. I haven’t been doing anything productive lately. I need to start reading again, cleaning, exercising, same old same old.

Happy Tiramisu

I only have about four more days of work, but I’m acting like I’m all ready out of it. I woke up at 10, the time I should get to work. I didn’t have much to do today, but Madeeha was in, so we talked for a good hour.

Then when I got back to Jamaica, I went to Amina Thai for lunch.

I went to the fashion show at the mosque on Sunday, which was a really huge success. I was really impressed by the outfits. The models looked really amazing. We also had a guest speaker Kashmir Maryam, whose very well known for her spoken word. When I first saw this girl, I was like “Wow she is HOT!” Like wow she is gorgeous. She happens to be Jamila’s friend (their husbands are biffs, hence the connection), so Jamila invited her to perform. Then Maryam started talking, and it turns out she’s British, so she sounded way hotter than your average human being. And then she started her spoken word poem(?), which is unbelievably amazing and beautiful. God I wish I had recorded it. I had befriended her after that, and she was very sweet. Man did she pull off her pink lipstick so well. Why am I cursed with chapped lips?!

Jamila later said that we could all get lunch another day. So we all met today in the neighborhood for some halal Thai food. When we got there, we randomly saw Humira and Sharmin, who were shopping for upcoming nuptial occasions. The five of us ended up eating and chilling, talking about British stuff, television, and of course marital bliss. Sharmin is the next one in line, probably going to be married by next month, which is exciting, and Kashmir and Jamila are already hitched. I’m definitely not going to be in that position anytime soon. I’m severely horrified of getting married. But it was really cute hearing Maryam and Jamila’s married lives. I kept thinking to myself “awww, I hope I can have that one day…” Eh but it’s going to be so hard to find someone as cool as me… *starts thinking about Logan Echolls*

Since the first time I went to Amina Thai, I always said I’d eat their tiramisu. Never did, until today. And oh my God. I have been missing out!! It was sooo good. Damn what a loss for all those other times.

Anyway, I’m so excited for tomorrow because…I’ll finally be able to see the Veronica Mars Movie!! I’m soo psyched. Going to watch with Samira. Hopefully it will be filled with a lot of internal and external screeching.

Currently listening to Glee’s version of “Happy.” Love this way more than the original. It’s more fun.




The past few days I’ve been living the zombie life. I can’t stop thinking about the Veronica Mars movie. I’ve been watching any clip on youtube , reading articles, being careful to not spoil myself. I wake up thinking about Logan. I go to bed thinking of Logan. Logan Logan Logan. God, I really need this show to come back. So I can have more Logan. Jason Dohring should not be doing any other show except Veronica Mars. It’s blasphemous otherwise.  I started watching this like 2/3 weeks ago and know I just need to have it forever. And I need Logan.


Today was such a nice day out, so I decided to get out and breathe the real world for once. Try to get my mind off my current male obsession. I just wanted to get out, walk somewhere, see stuff. I decided to go to the mall, maybe buy a couple things, like maybe a new wallet. And of course the parents just blow up. What why?? Why go out for no reason?? Stop spending so much money! We have so much to pay for for medical school, be careful with how you spend money! They act as if I splurge $300 a day or something. And they just want me to stay home and do stuff? They act as if I’m never home, but I’m always home. In fact, I like being at home. I limit myself to like two outings a week, but noo they don’t realize that. They think I’m just always out to leave them or something. Honestly, I’m soo over it.

So I went to the mall. It feels so great to just go out in a light trench coat. I hate bundling up. I looked for a wallet at Aldo and JCPenney, but I decided to not get one. My main issue is I need a wallet with good space for coins. My current wallet has a tiny one, but I decided to just stick with it for now. I did get a pink pashmina scarf. I have a few so I can wear to the mosque on Sundays. There’s a fashion show tomorrow at the mosque, and I just felt like wearing something new. The theme is purple…but I really just wanted the bright pink one.

And of course, it’s such a nice day out, so I have to have a nice cold drink. I can’t remember the last time I had an iced drink. I tried the new Iced Vanilla Macchiato. Had no idea what a macchiato is though, so I looked up when I got home. Macchiato is definitely the one I should get more often since it has more espresso. I’ve been getting lattes at work, but if I want the caffeine + sweet taste, a diluted latte won’t really suffice. The macchiato was perfect. I tasted the coffee, but it wasn’t like drinking robitussin. It was actually delicious.

Coffee Diagram

Afterward, got some undergarments from H&M. And then I headed out home. It was quick trip, just stayed there for 45 minutes.

Tonight was also my first time at my new tutoring gig. I do not like tutoring. At all. But my old tutor from when I was in high school, really wanted me to tutor his 12 year old daughter in biology. I tried to get out of it, but he really wants me to do it. So to avoid the bitchy route, I acquiesced. There’s going to be lots of botany in the future, and i hate hate hate botany. But it wasn’t so bad I guess at the end. It was doable. I just get tired from talking out loud a lot. The hour went by quickly. Now I need to plan though for our next meeting next Saturday. I don’t even know if I’m getting paid for this. My parents said not to broach the topic.

I haven’t watched a movie in a couple months, but it’s time to start marking each of them off. I saw Despicable Me with Sajid yesterday. It was alright, but oh my God. The part where they blast the fart guns. I DIED. I laughed for like 10 minutes straight. Tears were streaming down my face. We had to pause the movie so I could just regain myself.

Tonight I watched “The Other Son.” It’s a story of how an Israeli and Palestinian baby are switched at birth accidently. The sons find out nearly 20 year later. It’s a huge shock for the families, who now have to rethink their identities. It was a touching, poignant movie. The families didn’t know how to approach the other. It was obviously a really awkward situation. The main issue was for the sons to come to grasps of who they really are. Did they have to shed their old life altogether? How far could they enter their new worlds? The mothers were embracing, but the fathers needed time to break down their political defensive walls. The most moving parts are when they begin to understand one another, able to put aside their preconceived notions so that they can make room for such a huge change in their lives. The Israeli mother kisses her new son on the forehead. The raised Israeli son sings an Arab song for his new father. It boiled down to just being respectful and loving of the other side. Politics could not get in the way of  humanity.

Also, important point: the Israeli dad and his biological son (raised Palestinian) are pretty yum.

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